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A wine that means life. And 'thanks to the efforts of the 1,300 boys from San Patrignano wines that originate in the community.
The vineyards of San Patrignano extend the hills of Coriano (inside the perimeter of the community) and overlook the coast of Rimini, which is 5 km away as the crow flies. More than one hundred hectares of vineyards, all in one body. The activities in the country concerning the cultivation of vineyards accompany the evolution of the seasons. It starts in the winter months, with the pruning of plants to arrive then, in March, in the fold. Below the choice of the shoots and the conveyance of the vegetation. So thinning operations and the harvest, which commits for about a month hundreds of young people from all sectors of the community. The activity continues in the cellar with aging (time varies) and bottling. The wines produced from the community have achieved in recent years, the most prestigious Italian and international awards, thanks to the collaboration of Richard Cotarella, prestigious name in Italian winemaking and overseas, since 1997 assists and supports the professional growth the guys in the cellar.
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items